Targeted Funding: Mental Health

For the last two years, the Children’s Services Council has funded an initiative for its out of school time (OST) providers to educate them on a trauma informed approach to service delivery. This has included providing an organizational assessment, intensive Trauma Informed Care Training to after school program staff and youth participants, coupled with in-depth coaching, technical assistance, and mental health consultation for all of CSC’s OST providers.  

Recently, the approach has identified two needs with our OST providers.  The first need is the fact that many of the staff of the OST providers have their own trauma.  CSC is currently providing guided consultation and counseling sessions with the OST staff to address this need. The second, and the purpose of this targeted funding request for proposals, is the need for counseling services for children in the OST providers. 

In direct feedback from children and youth attending the Children’s Services Council’s OST services, they have stated that they need counseling to address issues such as anxiety, trauma, and more.  And while we recognize that the St. Lucie County School System has therapeutic services available, this need goes beyond academic performance.  Additionally, in a focus group presentation by teens, they have stated that while they need counseling services, their families are not willing to take them to counseling/therapy appointments because of the stigma of mental health services, transportation barriers, and/or costs including both insurance and Medicaid co-payments.

Mental Health

Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County is issuing this Targeted Funding Opportunity with the purpose of providing counseling services that are embedded in our Out of School Time provider sites for identified children and youth that would eliminate existing barriers. 

Funding Available

The Children’s Services Council has allocated $100,000 for eight months of operation within the current fiscal year FY 20/21 (February 2021 through September 2021) as well as at least another full year FY 21/22 commitment for this pilot project (at approximately $150,000).

Questions Required to Submit

  • Please provide a brief history of your organization and experience in providing counseling services to children of all ages and any experience working with Out of School Time providers.
  • Please explain/detail your approach to embed counseling services in CSC’s Out of School Time programs (Keeping Kids Off the Streets) including how trust will be built with children and youth attending OST programs as well as the OST providers’ administration and staff.
  • If not possible to embed in all the existing service providers, please identify which ones would be selected and why?
  • Please detail how the services will be delivered in a trauma informed care approach.
  • Please detail how the services will be provided in an equitable way to all populations identified.
  • Please explain how your approach will eliminate the barriers identified: 1) stigma of mental health services; 2) transportation; 3) costs including Medicaid and insurance co-pays.
  • Please provide a timeline of implementation and major activities.
  • Pleases detail outcomes for the project.
  • Please provide budget for current fiscal year (Feb- Sept. 30th) and next fiscal year (Oct 1, 2021 thru Sept 30, 2022).