Summer Learning

Children’s Services Council’s funding is available for new or expanded summer learning activities that are not already budgeted for in an agency budget.

Programs currently funded by the Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County should have already included their summer program expenses in the current budget as requested by Children’s Services Council. However, an agency that is receiving funds from Children’s Services Council that wishes to offer a summer program that is not directly related to their current funded program and already included in their current budget, may apply for summer program funding. Please contact CSC team if there are any questions.

Children's Services Council will give priority to those programs that place an emphasis on mitigating summer learning loss through educational and physical/recreational activities, as well as career exploration and job readiness for teen, and that operate 5 days per week for at least 8 weeks. Also, the narrative asks for details on field trips to be offered, background screening policies, and nutritional components of summer feeding programs. Additionally, agencies will be asked to explain their summer fee structure for families (if any) and provide detail on how CSC funding will help make their proposed summer learning programs affordable for all families.